Illawarra paediatric dentistry

When should my child have an orthodontic assessment?

Timing can be everything!

While orthodontic treatment is typically recommended between the ages of 11-15 years, there are some specific instances in which early treatment is recommended to prevent trauma to the teeth and gums, limit social social pressures being placed on a child about their teeth, or to modify a child's jaw relationship thereby limiting the need for more complicated future orthodontic treatment and surgery. In these instances, the timing of orthodontic treatment can be everything! Therefore, we recommend an orthodontic assessment around the age of 8 years old when your chiild has a mix of adult and baby teeth.

With the joint specialities of paediatric dentistry and orthodontics under one roof, the team at Illawarra Paediatric Dentistry can identify instances in which a child's teeth may require early orthodontic intervention  We can monitor your child's dental development as they grow to ensure you receive the most appropriate orthodontic treatment at the ideal time for your child.

Early orthodontic treatment can encompass a wide variety of treatment needs and therefore at Illawarra paediatric dentistry, we offer a range of plates (fixed and removable), expanders, partial and full braces, clear aligners and space maintainers to address your child's specific needs.


Orthodontic treatments available


Chances are you already know someone who has had or is having braces. Braces are one of the most frequently used forms of orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth as well correcting the fit of the upper and lower teeth.  Illawarra Paediatric Dentistry offers both metal and ceramic options for braces,  allowing you to select the type of braces that suit you best.

Metal braces have become smaller, more comfortable, and more individualised with time. They are often the preferred option with children as they can be customised with colours at each appointment allowing individuals to tailor their braces to how they are feeling, what colours they like and help them to celebrate various sporting or special occasions that might occur throughout the year. 

While coloured braces can be a lot of fun, clear ceramic braces are a fantastic alternative for those concerned about how braces may impact their appearance and wanting braces that are more discreet.


Clear aligners

Clear aligners are custom-made, thin, nearly invisible aligners that fit snuggly around your teeth and are removable.  They can be ideal in specific orthodontic cases to align the teeth and correct the bite. 

Clear aligners consist of a sequence of aligners that are changed every two weeks, gradually adjusting the position of the teeth. 

Spark aligners are especially clear making them ideal for instances where orthodontic treatment is needed to be discreet as possible.  They are also removal, meaning they are taken out for eating, sports, special occasions, as well as when cleaning your teeth.  Spark aligners can be ideal in instances where an individual likely to be particularly sensitive to tactile sensations in the mouth. 

They are required to be worn on average of 22 hours a day to get the best results our of your treatment.


Orthodontic plates

At Illawarra paediatric dentistry we offer a wide range of orthodontic appliances. An orthodontic plate is a custom-made acrylic or metal device that maybe fixed in place or removable. 

Orthodontic plates are commonly used to address minor crowding concerns, narrow arch forms or discrepancies in the fit of the upper and lower jaw bones and can also be used to retain the alignment or position of teeth and to prevent unwanted tooth movement